Seniors Together for Action and Recreation (STAR)

As an art instructor, I have worked with older audlts in a variety of environments including senior centers, libraries, and museums, all of which were made possible by multiple grants received through private and state funding sources.  The curriculums and lessons that I created were based on an assortment of techniques within drawing, painting, and collage, while also experimenting with non-traditional and repurposed materials.

The featured works are from classes that I taught in partnership with the STAR Senior Center (Seniors Together for Action and Recreation) in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights.  Here I taught observational drawing, expressive drawing, collage, and sumi-ink painting, seeking to integrate a two-fold approach of traditional and experimental drawing, as well as introduce non-traditional approaches to artmaking.  Included within the curriculum were fieldtrips to various sites in the community including public flower gardens and museums.