Miniature Folded Books

Spuyten Duyvil Branch Library (Bronx)

Quatro-Fold and Accordion-Fold

Taking a single sheet of paper and folding it into a four page mini-book the participants illustrated their book with the intention of sharing a memorable life event.

We examined the collages of French artist Henri Matisse as

inspiration while using bold graphic shapes to tell a story. And

considered the Illustrations of Norman Rockwell for his Americana narrative.


Countee Cullen Branch Library (Manhattan)

This project seeks to draw out each person’s life stories by asking them to list facts and or aspects of themselves, thus becoming a self-portrait and a graphic representation of their life.  Reflection Question: Who are you? List those moments in your life that stands out from the rest. i.e. the birth of a child, having to relocate, new job, etc. 

Art For A Lifetime: Drawn From Life

Riverside Branch Library

The objective of this eight week workshop was to investigate and practice the skill of drawing.  It is my belief that everyone can draw, given that you have the patience and desire to devote time to your practice.  A drawing does not have to be an exact representation in order to qualify it as a drawing; rather it is about discovering the essence of the subject being drawn that brings it to life on the page. In the workshop we considered the variety of ways to mark marks.

Besides drawing from observation (actual objects), we used secondary sources   (photographs), and ultimately drew upon each individual’s life experiences as inspiration for their drawings.