Paul Ferrara, art educator.

As a teaching artist and educator, I have served a diverse range of individuals and groups including children, students, at-risk youth and older adults, within museums, libraries, senior centers, educational institutions, non-profits, and social service programs. 

On a personal level, I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through education and the arts.  My work provides a platform through which to help individuals gain confidence, and utilize creativity for problem solving and creation of stimulating educational experiences. I have over 15 years of art practice and instruction, complimented by training in visual and theater arts.

Through partnership with organizations such as the New York Public Library, Department for the Aging, and New York Public Schools system, I’ve delivered enriching learning experiences that cultivate social consciousness and facilitate creative problem solving and skill development through exposure to the arts.  

Career Highlights Include:

 Experience coordinating projects and programs from initial vision through execution and implementation.

Knowledge in the grant proposal process and development of program curriculums and lesson plans.

Combined experience in program development with hands-on teaching and instruction to build communities and cultivate social consciousness.

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